Preparing for your exam

An MRI is a safe, painless test. It uses radio waves and a magnetic field
to take pictures of soft tissues, organs and bones. The pictures provide
information that can help your doctor diagnose the problem that you are
Arrive at least 15 minutes early for your exam to allow for filling out paperwork. Each test takes approximately 15 minutes.  

To Prepare

• Let the staff know right away if you:
- Are or think you could be pregnant
- Are breastfeeding
- Weigh over 450 pounds or 136 kilograms
- Have a cardiac pacemaker, or other implanted device, such as an
- insulin pump or stimulator
- Have aneurysm clips
- Have metal shrapnel or fragments inside your body
- Have a replacement joint or plate
- Have an allergy to contrast medicine

Remove any items that can be affected by the magnet. These may
include hairpins, jewelry, coins, dentures, keys or credit cards. Please
leave valuable belongings at home.

You may be asked to change into a hospital gown