Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How early should I arrive?

A. It's best to arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. This allows time for paper work and discussing medical history. 

Q. What do I do If I can't get a ride to my appointment?

A. Let the scheduling staff know if you need transportation, free transportation is available to all patients. Even at the last minute. 

Q. Will this test be painful? 

A. NO! this is a painless exam, All you have to do is lay as still as possible to allow for clear images.

Q. How long does it take to receive results?

A. Results will be sent to your doctor who ordered the test within 24 hrs. You will discuss the results with them. 

Q. I am claustrophobic (Afraid of small spaces). What should I do?

A. Speak with your physician about an oral medication that will relax you during the test. But you shouldn't worry! Our state of the art wide bore open MRI equipment is spacious to ease your claustrophobia.